Razorfish was engaged in the re-design of several properties of a top wireless carrier.   

I was brought in to extract information about the end-to-end journey from senior team members and internal documents. Using that information, I then had to synthesize a shared understanding of that journey in a foundational deliverable. I took direction and feedback from a senior UX director who set the context of the deliverable and would be presenting it.



As part of a strategic deliverable, outline areas where the client might make improvements across their brand's touchpoints.



Borrowed the ten phases of a customer journey from internal documentation and fleshed out a narrative in the form of what the customer might be thinking, feeling, and doing. 

Added the emotion graph, an element seen in other UX graphs, where low dips represented areas to improve, and high peaks were areas to enhance. 



Documented a service blueprint / user experience map that highlighted areas of opportunity.

Set a narrative foundation for future projects and concepts for the carrier to undertake, representing a large book of business for the agency.

Please read more about the method and rationale of experience mapping in a definitive guide written by Adaptive Path.