Both professionally and personally, I enjoy framing creative challenges for groups of people and watching sparks fly. 



My workshops have demonstrated design thinking, product strategy, and seek to deconstruct complex problems into small, creative solutions that the audience can envision implementing today. 

Some of the organizations I've worked with include

  • ModCloth Be The Buyer team
  • Reinvent Business Hackathon
  • Tech for Good (Startup Weekend)
  • Global Feast on Good
  • Skillshare - Taught "Guiding UX Principles" class
  • BAVC - Taught "Intro to Experiential Design" class
  • Global Service Jam
  • Debug Politics

As a result, groups of creative and engaged people are able to develop proof of concepts in short periods of time. These concepts vet design inquiries, coalesce teams, and simulate product launches.