Launching features, understanding users


Key results

  • Producing animated videos to market iOS app in app store
  • Delivered complex financial features, requiring regulatory and technical diligence, in preparation for launch:
    • Back button and transitions
    • New goal set-up
    • Micro-deposits 
    • Deposits and withdrawals
    • Same device on-boarding
  • Plug into waitlisters feedback to understand how product resonated with early customers
  • Helped move organization towards a design sprint process

Detailed interaction design

Screen-by-screen design and copy were delivered for each feature story. Pictured above are Micro-deposits and Same Device on-boarding


video frame for animated tour of the app

Prototyped in After Effects and delivered with the help of a motion-design contractor.


Product value propositions

Research contractor developed value proposition language as stimulus for qualitative feedback. I listened to the sessions, synthesized notes, to develop insights to influence roadmap planning.