Client background

Westfield Labs is the software development arm of Westfield Corporation, owner and manager of 35 retail centres worldwide.  



Redesign the interface responsible for publishing the store hours for 6500 retailers in 35 retail centers. 



My role initially was to design and administer a usability test of a prototype that the team had developed internally. After the team reviewed the findings, I led the UX redesign.



Usability test:  I spoke to 10 Westfield marketing-team users across three continents to receive feedback. 

Research findings: I synthesized the interview data and presented the existing's prototype's usability issues, organized around 10 themes. The team decided to invest in a redesign.

Design and oversight:  Starting from scratch required drawing initial sketches and paper prototyping. After a few days of sketching, I revised and finalized a new interaction design that followed the themes that emerged from the research study. 



  • The re-designed application was more stream-lined and efficient.

  • During the busy holiday season, the application saves hundreds of hours of labor over the previous design.