SETUP EXPERIENCE For health wearablE

Taking customers through a flow of information that traversed a website, mobile app, and watch screen

Plotting a customer's journey in an Experience map

Aligning a mobile carrier's stakeholders with a strategic deliverable detailing opportunities and improvements.

Operating system for Family tablets

Research and interaction concepts for a tablet device manufacturer looking to develop family-focused features.


Updated an application for managing the hours of 6,400 stores

Usability tested and redesigned the admin interface for managing hours, year-round.


Fixing Order management for restaurant delivery

Redesigned the interface for a tablet used by restaurants to manage their delivery orders.

Responsive design for Basis Peak Device Launch

Designed marketing funnel and shop pages highlighting technical product features and lifestyle benefits.



Envisioning a backyard space with permaculture design

Permaculture is a natural design system that arranges elements in a way that aims to support all life.


Piloting an in-Store service kiosk

Developing a self-service experience for a mobile carrier's retail stores.

Organizing design Thinking WOrkshops

As a five-time hackathon participant and UX instructor, I enjoy facilitating creative and strategic thinking.

Updating digital directories for Westfield shopping centers

Developed a set of features to help mall visitors understand the route to a store on a different floor.