A responsive marketing site aimed at communicating a competitive and feature-rich aesthetic



As their updated product and branding neared completion, Basis needed a redesigned website to get ready for their re-launch.  The website needed to communicate announcements, collect prospect emails, and sell their product.



  • Redesign the homepage to highlight the new flagship product
  • Maintain room in the architecture for an older product line
  • Develop a responsive homepage, shop page, blog and evergreen content page. 



I collaborated with a Creative Director and Design Director to identify the IA and content strategy, which were derived from the product strategy and differentiation. I led the UX design, visual design, and design production, which was augmented with help from a visual designer in charge of the product branding and iconography. 



  • The launch site went live according to deadline
  • Marketing strategies and campaigns could direct prospects and customers to updated digital properties
  • An A/B testing apparatus thru Optimizely was implemented to test affects of headlines, button styles, and images on conversion. 


Collaborators: Heath Withers, Lukas Anderson, Melissa Feudi